Đồng hồ đo Wika Model F-20-3A

Hiệu: Wika

Xuất xứ: Đức

Model SA-11

Xem chi tiết: Thông số kỹ thuật Model F-20-3A


Food and beverage industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Biotechnology industry
Cosmetic industry
Special Features

Piezoresistive sensor and thin-film sensor technology
Meets “3A” criteria
Available with 3/4”, 1.5” and 2.0” Tri-Clamp® process connection
Stainless steel transmitter housing
316LSS electropolished wetted surfaces, Ra<20 μ inch
FDA approved system fill fluid
Standard pressure ranges from 15 psi up to 1500 psi (vacuum and compound ranges available)
4-20mA or voltage output signals are available
Compact design
WIKA F-20-3A pressure transmitters are in compliance with “3A” third party criteria for pressure and level measurement in all sanitary applications. The process wetted surfaces of 316L SS are electropolished to reduce cleaning time. This transmitter features 0.25% output linearity (BFSL) over a wide operating temperature range.

The transmitters are available with industry standard 3/4″, 1.5″ and 2.0″ Tri-Clamp® process connections. Mineral oil (KN92) is the standard system fill fluid behind the process connection diaphragm (glycerine for positive pressure 3/4″ Tri-Clamp®) both approved by FDA. The transmitter assembly is designed for “Clean in Place” (CIP) and “Steam in Place” (SIP) maintenance procedures.

The all stainless steel case meets NEMA 4X / IP 67 requirements for wash down and corrosion resistance and ingress protection is available up to IP 68 per IEC 60 529. The smooth exterior surface finish makes it ideal for the sanitary industry to ensure cleanliness. The all-welded design eliminates all threaded connections (excluding transmitter cover) where contaminants may collect.

Easily accessible electrical connection
The sophisticated design of this transmitter provides for fast and easy installation. The junction box cover unscrews for access to the internal spring clip terminal block.

Additional features
Transmitters with the 4-20mA output signal includes an internal test circuit connection that permits the transmitter to be tested without disconnecting the primary 4-20mA circuit. Removal of transmitter cover allows easy access to zero and span adjustment potentiometers. The standard conduit connection is 1/2″npt-female with the option of a NEMA 6P (IP 68) cable gland.

Material identification engraved in seal body. Material conformance documents and Calibration Conformance Report supplied with each assembly (not a direct substitute for 3.1b material traceability certificate or NIST calibration certificate).

Optional features
Process connections of 2.5″, 3.0″ and 4.0″ Tri-Clamp® along with other industry specific types and sizes. Pressure ranges below 15 psi are available with the larger process connection sizes. For highly corrosive applications, process wetted materials other than 316L SS are available. Additional FDA approved system fill fluids are available; NEOBEE®-M20 (KN59), glycerine (KN7) and food grade silicone (KN34). Optional certifications are available; NIST calibration, 3.1b material traceability to EN 10 204 and electropolish with nominal surface finish.

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