Đồng hồ đo Wika Model M93X.3A

Hiệu: Wika

Xuất xứ: Đức

Model: M932.3A, M933.3A

Xem chi tiết: Thông số kỹ thuật model M93X.3A

Pharmaceutical Industry
Food & Beverage
Diaphragm Seals
WIKA Datasheet M93X.3A 04/2017 Page 1 of 4
M93X.3A Sanitary Gauge
WIKA Datasheet M93X.3A
Temperature Effects
0.06 psi maximum per every 10°F process and ambient
temperature change
System Fill (FDA compliant)
Glycerine, KN 7 – Non-vacuum application
Mineral Oil, KN 92 – Vacuum application
Wetted Material
316L stainless steel electropolished
Nominal surface finish Ra ≤ 15 µinch (0.38 µm) per ASME BPE
SF4 (except for weld seam)
Case Material
304 stainless steel electropolished case with vent plug
and stainless steel electropolished twist lock removable
bayonet ring
Polycarbonate or Polysulfone
Black aluminum, micro-adjustable, designed for zero
adjustment in field
All-welded construction in full compliance with ‘3A’ third party
standards and meets the most rigorous biopharmaceutical
industry specifications. This assembly has all the advantages
of the 23X.50 series mechanical gauge (ASME B40.100 & EN
837-1) and WIKA combines it with a superior designed sanitary
diaphragm seal. All external stainless steel surfaces are
electropolished and the wetted components have full material
identification and traceability. The diaphragm and its body
have matching convolution patterns to greatly reduce potential
diaphragm damage due to mishandling and to minimize
temperature effects.
Gauge Nominal Size
2-1/2″ or 4″ – Lower and Back Mount
Process Connection
1-1/2″ to 4″ Tri-Clamp®
(‘3A’ third party compliant)
Pressure Range
Vacuum and 0 to 15 psi up to 0 to 1000 psi, includes compound
ranges (maximum working pressure is limited by installation
clamp rating). Clamp provided by customer.
Operating Temperature
Ambient: +25°F to +140°F (-4°C to +60°C) – dry or
glycerine filled case
Process: +25°F to +300°F (-4°C to +149°C)
Autoclave: 300°F for one hour
(polysulfone window and dry case w/weep holes)
White aluminum with black lettering
Accuracy (Ref.@ 73° F)
2-1/2″: ±2/1/2% o

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