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Model Hydra-Dry

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Semiconductor industry
UHP-liquid chemicals distribution
Special Features

For panel mount or as integrated indicator for modelHYDRA-Dry
Up to 2 switch points freely programmable
Ingress protection IP 67
5 different units manually adjustable
The digital indicator model HYDRA-Indicator offers a unique solution for a local display of the process pressure at the transducer model HYDRA-Dry. With this HYDRA-indicator, which has been specially designed for the UHP market, a signal and freely adjustable switch points can be transmitted simultaneously. Its scale can be fully adjusted directly on site without master instrument.

Unit (psi, bar, kPa, MPa and kg/cm²), decimal point, displayrange, zero point and switch points can be adjusted via thecontrol keys. ComfortablePower is directly supplied by the 4 … 20 mA-loop, i.e. noextra power supply is required.

The seven millimetre high, red LED display is easy to read. In order to be able to adapt the HYDRA-indicator to the transducer application, it is available in two different versions:

HYDRA-Indicator panel mount
HYDRA-Indicator integrated in transducer HYDRA-Dryfor display direct at the measuring instrument

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