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Model Hydra-Sensor

Xem chi tiết: Thông số kỹ thuật WIKA HYDRA Sensor

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Semiconductor industry
UHP-liquid chemicals distribution
Special Features

Patented double diaphragm
Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) wetted parts
Transducer is 360° rotatable even after installation
Ingress protection IP 65 or IP 67
Optional: attachable indicator
Our pressure measuring instruments of the HYDRA-line product family have been developed in co-operation with well-known customers in the semiconductor industry. The complete product concept has been adapted to the special requirements of the process equipment and UHP chemicals distribution system sectors.

The HYDRA-Sensor pressure transducer offers high accu-racy and reliability, ultra clean wetted parts and surfaces. Furthermore, the production of all wetted parts, cleaning assembly, calibration and packaging takes place in a class 100 cleanroom.

Double safety
The patented HYDRA double diaphragm system enables a safe and reliable separation of the pressure sensor from the process medium. Simultaneously diffusing process media such as HF or HCI vapours are given off to the environment to avoid any falsification of the measuring result or the destruction of the sensor element.

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